Pulse SC2 Pulse


The estimated refresh time is a pessimistic estimate, some data may be updated faster. Match history is always updated once per 50 minutes

Region Health Request cap Flags Estimated refresh time (minutes)
NA 96.98% 5.42% partial 10
EU 92.41% 5.14% partial 10
KR 95.80% 0.14% partial redirected 10
CN 95.80% 6.12% partial 10
Fully operational.
1v1 is prioritized, no BattleTags, league tiers, and clan names. Simplified races in team formats.
May be slower in some cases. Arbitrary data may be missing.
Much slower, 1v1 plat+ is prioritized, match history works on the best effort basis, no match history for teams.


High definition MMR history limits; 1v1: 720 days, teams: 720 days

Approximate stats: 2,216,239 players, 135,359,197 team snapshots, 8,114,180 recent(~30 days) matches